Universal tool for parsing sites and keywords A-Parser

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A-Parser is a unique tool for SEO professionals that allows you to fine-tune and quickly parse various sites and services according to the parameters you need. The tool has the largest list of popular scraping resources and allows you to scrape according to your settings and tasks in the shortest possible time.

Advantages and possibilities of parsing

  • A powerful combine that opens up wide possibilities for parsing.
  • Over 70 built-in parsers with various settings and options.
  • Ready-to-use parsers and pre-installed directories.
  • Free demo mode for testing the parser.
  • Possibility of independent programming of the parser.
  • Flexible and feature rich API.
  • Three types of licenses with different features.
  • Ability to buy new upgrades.
  • Multithreading up to 10,000 threads.
  • Stable work with big data and high load.
  • The ability to create a job queue that can load the parser with months of work.
  • Make full use of JSON.
  • Minimum load on the server and the ability to configure on a standard VPS.
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