Money Top cryptocurrency exchange script

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Money Top – is a script for the exchange of electronic currencies, including cryptocurrencies, designed to create a reliable and secure exchange site. Flexible settings allow you to tailor the scenario to your specific business requirements, from security to transaction fees and more.

Security of funds and user data

Designed with the latest encryption technology to keep your transactions secure. Provides an SSL certificate for added security and ensures that your transactions are protected from online threats. The platform also has robust measures to prevent hacking and DDoS attacks. It also uses advanced firewalls and antivirus software to protect your data from any malicious activities.

  • A unique hash to authenticate requests.
  • Additional private security algorithms.
  • SSL settings.
  • API data encryption.

Automatic exchange office

The script allows you to automate the process of processing applications, which significantly affects the savings in time and money. If necessary, you can switch to manual and semi-automatic mode.

  • Export data to a table.
  • Email / SMS alerts.
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