Script constructor “Calculator PRO” for Bitrix


The calculator allows you to calculate the price or quantity of goods and services according to a given formula, as well as make calculations of any complexity.

What is the solution for:

– Cost calculator for doors, windows, stretch ceilings, garage doors, etc.
– Calculation of the required amount of building materials: laminate, wallpaper, brick, timber, etc.
– Calculator of financial services (deposits, loans, mortgages, cashback).
– Calculation of the cost of catering (banquet, buffet, coffee break).
– Cleaning cost calculator.
– Calculation of the cost of a kitchen set, upholstered and cabinet furniture.
– Calculator of cargo transportation (delivery, moving).
– Calculation of body mass index, calories, etc.
– A calculator in which you can assemble a dish from your own ingredients (for example, pizza).
– Features of the solution:
– Ability to set an arbitrary formula for calculations of any complexity.
– The calculator implements the creation of dependencies. Changing one setting may affect other settings.
– Using the basic settings, you can change the appearance of the calculator, adjust the colors and display of its individual elements.
– You can add an unlimited number of parameters, select their types and determine in what order they will be displayed in the calculator.
– When installing the solution, a demo content is loaded. On the example of calculating the price of plastic windows, all possible types of parameters are presented.
– The calculator contains a feedback form, with which the user can leave a request and send the result of the calculation to his e-mail.

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