Service script for working with cryptocurrencies Krypto Briefing v4.1

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Cryptocurrency service script Krypto Briefing v4.1: online trading, advanced data, market analysis, watchlist, portfolio, subscriptions. An exchange similar to Binance. Over 2100+ cryptocurrencies available, your wallet balance, Buy/Sell, Advanced Pages, Charts, Specification Charts and more.

Server requirements:

PHP 5.6 or higher
PHP extensions: CURL, PDO, OpenSSL
VPS / dedicated server is optional but recommended (otherwise the script may run slowly)
allow_url_fopen must be enabled (usually it is enabled automatically everywhere)

The main functions of the script:

More than 2100+ cryptocurrencies available
Live trading (online trading)
Wallet balance
Buy / Sell Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) in market and limit mode
Order book
Private Block Portfolio
Candlesticks for advanced trader charts
Technical indicators are fully customizable
10 technical indicators
Coin history data from 1 minute to 5 months
Current trends on the chart
Detailed market analysis
News and social networks
Leaders among traders
Live trading (sell/buy) with market balancing
Up to 6 charts per control panel
Credit Card Payment Gateway (Stripe)
paypal payment
Advanced admin panel
Fully responsive (for mobile devices, tablets)

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