Telegram promotion program TG Soft 2.0

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Tg Soft 2.0 – This is simply the best tool in Telegram for promotion!

It has all the necessary functions to start a sms career:

1. Invite (Filling your group / chat with a live target audience)
2. Cheat bots / referrals
3. Account Creator Tg | Creator – THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!!
4. Sending messages via chats \ in PM
5. Answering machine in PM
6. Gathering people by GEO (People within 100m radius will gather)
7. Reporter for channel ban (addition – module)
8. Cloner of channels and chats (addition – module)
9. Number checker (Search target audience by phone numbers)
10. And most importantly, that’s not all! “tg soft 2.0” – endless possibilities in telegram!

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